Kameron Westcott’s Off the Shoulder Lace Dress Kameron Westcott / Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron Westcott’s Off the Shoulder Lace Dress

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 Access Hollywood Live Fashion

There’s a new girl in town and Kameron Westcott’s off the shoulder lace dress is the perfect introductory dress for her debut. I can definitely see a housewife from each franchise wearing this number, but Kameron snagged it first. While I haven’t seen the Dallas gals yet, this season looks yummy and I love a new girl fighting for her place in line.

So according to the Bravo website, Kameron is a “real life Elle Woods.” Now, I take serious offense to this. Can you guess why? Here’s what we know about her according to Bravo: “1) She loves pink; 2) Like, loves it so much she’s making a pink dog food; 3) She’s a California girl; 4) Her husband asked her out eight times before she said yes; 5) Court Westcott- and Kameron- are Dallas royalty; 6) Kameron and Court have his and hers everything; 7) She has two pups; 8) She has two adorable children;” and 9) Her favorite housewife is Lisa Vanderpump and Beverly Hills is her favorite franchise.

Can you tell what’s missing? As a member of the esteemed Elle Woods profession, I take offense to the comparison as it is missing at least 3 years’ worth of student debt. Either way, I’m looking forward to what Lauren scopes out, because the Dallas ladies are Fan-CY!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Kameron Westcott's Off the Shoulder Lace Dress

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