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Liza Miller’s Multi Colored Peplum Sweater

Younger Season 4 Episode 2 Fashion

Liza Miller’s multi colored peplum sweater on Younger last night was loud and proud. At first glance you may have thought “Liza is pushing her age to clothing ratio,” but if you were to know that this is a high fashion sweater that’s currently on sale and going fast, you may give it a second thought. I personally would not wear it cooking and serving cocktails to my current frenemy, since most of the things I cook end up on my clothes at some point, but Liza pulled it off with out a drink in her face or a spill on her top. I have to admit- it’s refreshing not to cover Housewives for that reason ;-).

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Liza Miller's Multi Colored Peplum Sweater

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