Abby Huntsman’s Rose Print Dress

The View September 21, 2018 Fashion

Abby Huntsman’s rose print dress was a flirty fun dress that was appropriate to wear by the one and only Jane Fonda. Honestly, that woman is literally the female Benjamin Button. On the show, she talked about aging. She said how scary it can be form the outside looking in, but once you’re in it, it’s not scary. That may be easier said than done when you look like Jane. However, her spirit is so young and I truly believe that’s the key.

My parents and I were sitting outside at Gibsons, a famous Chicago steakhouse that is in the middle of what’s known locally as the “viagra triangle” (I’ll leave it to you to sort out why it’s called that). Trust me when I say it is the place to see and be seen and trust me, there’s a lot to see. For example, fancy cars, fancy people, fancy clothes, and… Jane Fonda! My mom spotted her coming out of the car and into Gibsons with a black hat and dark sunglasses and got so excited she waived and yelled “OMG Jane Fonda!” She loved her growing up (well, as they grew together), and still does. I can see why!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Abby Huntsman's Rose Print Dress

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