Adela King’s Pink and Gold Aviator Sunglasses at Sophie’s

Ladies of London Season 3 Finale Fashion

Shades were the single most popular fashion item on this season’s Ladies of London, and Adela King’s pink and gold aviators sunglasses were the perfect statement makers to finish off a well-accessorized season. Whether you count the most read posts or the requests I got, sunnies took the cake. And for once, the most wanted fashion item is totally practical, because lord knows something needed to deflect all of the shade thrown.

Adela King's Pink and Gold Aviator Sunglasses

 Dior Split Aviator Sunglasses in Pink and Gold Available Here

Style Stealer:

Dior Split Aviator Sunglasses Dior Split Aviator Sunglasses

Split Lens Aviator Sunglasses $15.88 Here at Amazon

(I’m pictured above in the Style Stealer in silver and gold)

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