Do you know where Gretchen got this necklace that she is wearing??? Jessica F

Hi Jessica, I think so …Big Blonde Hair

Thank you so much! I really want to get it before I leave for Miss USA next week… Finishing up the wardrobe! Your website has been a lifesaver!!! Jessica F

I gave Jessica information on a necklace, and she gave me someone to cheer for during Miss USA. I mean, Jessica clearly has good to taste in fashion; and even better taste in websites. Good luck girl!


Gretchen Rossi’s Long Crystal Necklace Talking to Slade

Also seen on Alexis Bellino during the Real Housewives of Orange County Introduction

Gretchen Rossi Long Crystal Necklace in Introduction

Long Crystal Necklace

This is 2 Givenchy Necklaces layered, available in Silver & Gold

 Shop Necklace #1

Shop Necklace #2

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