Okay how about Alexis white gorgeous jogging suit at the camp? Holly via Facebook

I’d have to go Juicy — I’ll try to double check. I’d ruin that thing in about 5 minutes lol 😉 Me via Facebook

I looked for the Juicy zipper but didn’t see it. It might be tho! Holly via Facebook

DUH, Lauren, duh. Me via my mouth

Alexis Bellino’s White Ruffle Camping Tracksuit

Cute Booty Track Suit
Photo: BravoTV.com

Velour Hoodie

Velour TracksuitRuffle Hoodie by Kelly Nishimoto 

Cute Booty Pants Kelly Nishimoto

(Colors available dependent upon size)

Style Stealer:

ROMEO & JULIET COUTURE Velour Active Set W/ Rhinestone Shoulders [RJ24897P/ RJ24897J], Heather Grey $30

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