Amanda Batula’s Denim Shorts

Summer House Season 2 Episode 9 Fashion

Ok we have seen them over and over and can’t get over Amanda Batula’s denim shorts. Forget about the fact that she looks damn good in anything she puts on her body, but these are particularly flattering. Now there are hundreds of cute denim shorts out there, but these are particularly cool. The way they cut off and have holes in just the right places that still manage to cover up the right places, it’s just perfect.

So this incredible cult fave brand makes tons of different styles of denim, and luckily Amanda instastoried the two cuts that she wears and loves! We can always count an Amanda to be generous to her followers and groupies, namely, us. Thank you Amanda!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Amanda Batula's Denim Shorts

Click Here to Shop Amanda’s Grlfrnd Shorts in one style

Click Here to Shop Amanda’s Grlfrnd Shorts in her other style

Credit: Amanda Batula’s Instagram

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