Ashley Darby’s Sequin Beret

July 8, 2018-

By Lauren

Ashley Darby’s Sequin Beret Talking to Robyn

Season 3 Episode 14 Real Housewives of Potomac Fashion

Ashley Darby’s sequin beret talking to Robyn is quite the statement maker with it’s shimmering striped style. I can’t say I’ll be wearing one anytime soon but a Ashley can pull it off and I’d rather see my Housewives in a head turning piece that something that doesn’t say “look at me!”.  I’m interesting on hearing what the inspiration is behind the style or if any of the other ladies have any comments on it because sometimes that makes the piece even more interesting. Although there aren’t many things more interesting than the fact that we can steal this style for under $2.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Ashley Darby's Sequin Beret

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