Ashley Jacobs’ Sunglasses

June 7, 2018-

By Faryn Wegler

Ashley Jacobs’ Sunglasses in Hilton Head

Season 5 Episode 8 Southern Charm Fashion

Ashley Jacobs’ sunglasses in Hilton Head on Episode 8 were a bit tricky for us to track down. As it turns out, the sunglasses actually have a lace pattern on the arms, which was difficult to see with the sun’s reflection on them in the car. And while we’ve finally found them (woohoo!), their owner on the other hand, may take a bit longer for us to fully figure out.

I actually just returned from a trip to Charleston (post to come), where I had a close call with who of all people…Ashley! The same night I was at Naomie’s family’s restaurant Nico, I later found out on Instagram that Ashley was just up the street at the restaurant/waterfront hangout Saltwater Cowboys. Although it’s impossible to judge someones entire personality from an edited TV show, I would have loved to have given her a piece of my mind regarding the Hilton Head episodes. In reality though, I probably would have just fan-girled out and asked for a pic. Or maybe have done a dramatic hair flip.




Ashley Jacobs’ SunglassesAshley Jacobs’ Sunglasses

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  1. Lisa says

    Ashley’s sunglasses in S5 E11 – they are Chanel, black but I can’t find them. Any ideas in the model/name?

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