Real Housewife Real Style

June 28, 2011-

By Lauren

Moment of truth: What I really love about the Real Housewives isn’t the drama, or the money, or how drinks many are tossed at their dinner parties. It’s that they’re wives and moms, and they are hot. And THAT is inspiring. It’s really what The Big Blonde Hair Blog is about-Whether you’re single or a wife, a mom or a grandma, young or old, thin or curvy, rich or poor- You can be smokin’ hot. And it really just takes a few minutes. Buy that dress that makes you feel sexy (splurge a little or buy a Style Stealer-You have access to Real Housewives Stylists on this site), get your hair done (or do it yourself), put on some make-up (you even know what the Housewives use) and remember that you can be the Tamra Barney of your county. It’s really that easy…

Sentimental One Shoulder Dress with Rhinestones

Dress: Reve Boutique

La Cite Sequence Band Dress $119

Earrings: Clara Kasavina Fiona Hoop $169

Sentimental One-Shoulder Grecian Dress

Photos by Emma Colby Photography

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