Bethenny Frankel’s Blue Embellished Sweater

July 5, 2017-

By Lauren

Bethenny Frankel’s Blue Embellished Sweater at Dinner in Vermont

Season 9 Episode 14 Real Housewives Fashion

I don’t always like to speculate, however, Bethenny Frankel’s blue embellished sweater in Vermont set some wheels in this Big Blonde brain in motion. The wheels first turned to her grey embellished sweater from a few weeks back because this sweater is so similar to it. Second, the wheels turned to The Real Real , a site that specializes in high end consignment. 

It just so happens that the Real Real had Bethenny Frankel’s grey embellished sweater (now sold out) in a size extra small, before one of you lucky ladies bought it. And it just so happens that the site has Bethenny Frankel’s blue embellished sweater—of the same brand—in a size extra small. Finally, it also just so happens that Bethenny Frankel mayyyyy just be the only person on earth tiny enough to fit into a Gucci XS.

The Real Real has been known to work with celebrities, like the Kardashians, looking to empty their closet I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that some of the Real Housewives sell their designer duds through this site, and this small (okay extra small) coincidence seems to further strengthen my case. And even if I can’t prove it, I like to think that there might be a chance I’m on the right track, or ski slope.

Bethenny Frankel wearing a blue embellished sweater in Vermont

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  1. Housewives fan says

    If the Housewives can resell this stuff through the RealReal, after I assume they get it for free or at a severely reduced price, more power to them…and I guess they are actually making money out of the deal. That said, I hate this sweater so hard (as well as the similar one pictured), I can hardly find words to fully express it. To know that it’s Gucci just makes me wonder WTF happened to Gucci in recent years; I think at this point, they’re really coasting on their name, and almost daring someone to ask why it is they should spend this kind of money on something that looks like it came from the Jaclyn Smith Collection for Kmart. Wasn’t Gucci responsible for the Kellyanne Conway coat that looked like The Nutcracker, and got widespread ridicule? And the $6,000 leather fringed Tiger Jacket John Oliver made fun of? Come on, Gucci.

    If anyone really wants this look, they could buy an ordinary crewneck or Fair Isle sweater, and sew beads onto it for a weekend crafting project, which is what it looks like to me anyway; it could qualify for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Even more unbelievable is that I have seen B photographed in it multiple times, unlike other things she has that are gorgeous. I don’t get it.

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