Bethenny Frankel’s Red Printed Pajamas

June 20, 2018-

By Faryn Wegler

Bethenny Frankel’s Red Printed Pajamas at Spa Weekend in Connecticut

Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 13 Fashion

As much as I love seeing what the housewives wear during their waking hours, I’m always curious about their sleepwear too. I always secretly hope that what they wear to bed is not too far off from what I wear to bed – a horrifically mismatched ensemble that would make you question whether or not I am of sound mind and/or need to get my eyes checked. However, as proven to me by the sleepwear featured in this episode, specifically Bethenny Frankel’s red printed pajamas, I really need to start dressing better to go to sleep.

In the case of the family crest, I think I’m going to have to side with Sonja and Bethenny on this one. If I were to ever marry (or divorce) into the Morgan family, I’d probably find any excuse to wear that family crest too. However in the meantime, I should probably set my sights on something a bit more attainable…like Bethenny’s pajamas. 




Bethenny Frankel's Red Printed Pajamas

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