Bethenny Frankel’s Shearling Coat on Instagram

December 18, 2018-

By Lauren

Bethenny Frankel’s Shearling Coat on Instagram

Real Housewives of New York Instagram Fashion December 2018

Also Worn During Season 11 Episode 11

Bethenny Frankel’s ivory shearling coat on Instagram—which is also reversible FYI—doesn’t totally classify as faux as she mentioned (according to PETA at least)  as technically shearling is made from a sheep. I don’t know much about that and am not judging (I definitely own a few non faux items, which I know is disappointing to some, and I’m working on it the more I learn) but as I was figuring out what to label the post I did a little deep dive on PETA’s website to see if faux would be the correct label. I found that they even classify silk to be cruel because it kills silkworms and cashmere because it distresses goats. I don’t judge one side of the other, and definitely see their perspective, I just was fascinated by the things I don’t know about it. I’m always curious because I get comments from anti-fur people when I post on fur, but really never on leather posts, which as far as I know is almost made from animals. So I never know what the line is.

And I digress. I found many, many amazing faux fur options to steal Bethenny’s style that look very similar and are a fraction of the price. So no matter your views, we’ve got something for you!

The Realest Housewife,

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Bethenny Frankel's Cat Jacket on Instagram

 IRO Toskan Jacket Sold Out 

Credit: @BethennyFrankel

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