Blonde vs Brunette: Cameran Eubanks vs Landon Clements Fashion

May 20, 2017-

By Sally Steele

Some famed rivalries are seemingly tales as old as time. The Montagues vs The Capulets. Coke vs Pepsi. Erika vs Dorit. And finally, Cameran Eubanks’ closet vs Landon Clements’ closet. And while these Southern Charm sweetie’s play nice with each other, we’ve decided to pit their fashion against each other in this week’s Blonde vs. Brunette.

Blonde vs Brunette: Cameran Eubanks vs Landon Clements Fashion

The Brunette Says:

This challenge took a lot of imagination because my style is generally very different than both of these Southern Belles’. To be honest, as a gal with a momma who was also born in France, Naomi Olindo has stolen my heart. Still, I do enjoy the smiley nomad Landon Clements although her style reflects her blog: It ‘Roams’ from place to place without being quite defined. And as someone who wants to wear black all day, all year round, sometimes Landon’s outfits make me go “ba badon’t,” and then suddenly she will have a colorful dress that’s usually pretty cheap and will accessorize it with these funky big earrings that I would definitely “ba bado.” For example, I can see myself in many of her Zara frocks (like this one, and like this one), and while I can’t pull one off I am a sucker for rompers (like this one).

Then comes Cameran Eubanks who is my Southern spirit animal in that she’s “one of the guys,” has a brutally mean sense of humor, loves taking goofie pictures (in my case, can only take goofy pictures), has a questionable affinity for Nutella, and despite her outward appearances isn’t too girly. In fact, she’s the first person to ever have me consider a Lilly Pulitzer print. I only wish I was blessed with her metabolism.

The momma to be’s style is great for a girl like me because she can dress it up for work with a professional but effortless wrap dress (by day I’m an attorney), a solid but understated purse (like her Louis Vuitton), and the most perfect delicate gold necklace (hint, hint, hubby!!).  Then for a night out, Cameran’s black jumpsuit stole my heart (because, well, it’s black), paired with some awesome statement earrings was definitely something I would strut. Then for a casual day, Cameran will pick a striped dress or tank top that’s as plain Jane as I am.

Perhaps the most enamoring Cameran quality is that despite the brutal southern heat, the girl is ALWAYS fresh faced. We dished on some of her makeup faves here, some lipgloss must haves here, but it’s her volumizing mascara is what always polishes her look. Ok wait, now that I have gone back and looked through all the Cameran Eubanks archives, I’m pretty sure I love everything she wears and she may have convinced me to wear a splash of color once in a while. She’s the clear winner for me!

Keep it Real,

Sally xo

Cameran Eubanks Outfits


The Blonde Says:

Landon Clements outfits

While it almost seems like the blonde should have chosen the blonde this week and the brunette should have chosen the brunette, we like to mix things up and keep you on your toes over here at BBH. And much like my gal Sally Steele said, this week’s Blonde vs Brunette was a bit more of a challenge because I can’t always relate to BBH reader’s extreme love for Southern Charm style faves Cameran Eubanks’ and Landon Clements’ closets. Actually I’m a bit more of a Naomi or Chelsea truth be told, but I think the fun part of fashion is admiring different part’s of the women’s style that we cover different reasons. So, while I know this might not be the popular choice, today I’m going to take the side of a Landon lover.

Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of Cameran Eubanks’ closet I’m totally into. Her interview Y necklace that Sally posted on here is most definitely something I’d rock. I was also very into her recent dinner party jumpsuit. However Landon and I seem to shop more of the same places, namely Zara (my first stop on every shopping trip that doesn’t involve my computer), ASOS (my first stop on any shopping trip that does involve my computer) and H&M (another place I like to pop in).  

While Landon has shown us her Mumu and looked lovely in Lilly Pulitzer and Lisi Lerch this season, I love her gal on a budget finds like this striped tie back top, this yellow dress and this blogger fave striped knit dress. While Cameran has admitted to scooping up many of her fab finds at TJ Maxx (side note for Cam fans, did you know you can shop TJ online now?), I’m more of a Landon style shopper in that I go for super trendy pieces on the cheap at sites/stores based out of the UK or Europe because they are a bit more forward and there’s a shot of finding some suuuuuper amazing pieces and that feeling is like striking gold to me!

In closing (do I sound like an attorney Sally?), like SS said, Landon has yet to totally define her style (something I can personally relate to), but if I had to at the moment I’d say she leans towards girl boho on a budget. So while you probably will not see me in any of her floral pieces or big beaded necklaces, I can definitely appreciate the fact that she can find fashionable pieces at some of my favorite stores.

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  1. Camilla Hubbard says

    Hi Lauren, love be your site and have for years! I was wondering if you knew who makes Landon’s tribal beaded necklace/top in the second collage of this article?

  2. lex scott says

    Landon had a really cute boho looking coverup on after her paddle boarding session in this seasons first episode. Ive been trying to find out where that is from?? Can you please help me?

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