Brandi Glanville’s Gold Pleated Top Cooking in Paris

March 5, 2013-

By Lauren

Hello. Im trying to find Brandi’s gold/silver tank top she wore to when they made dinner in Paris and made the duck. I loved her outfit! Simple and elegant. Thanks, Lauren R.

Trying to find :-)! Will post if I do. I thought it was Halston but thinking it isnt. Lauren BBH

FOUND IT! Patterson Kincaid…Lauren R.


Uh-Oh….Look like this one’s already got my name and she’s gunning for my job!

(Thank you for the tip Lauren R. While you’re at it, any tips on Stassi Schroeder’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion Dress ;-)?!)

Brandi Glanville’s Gold Silver Metallic Tank Cooking in Paris

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  1. Alicia M says

    I loved Kyle Richard’s shiny/sequin tank top she wore that same night in Paris. Any idea where I could find that? Thanks

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