Cameran Eubanks’ Mascara

June 21, 2018-

By Sally Steele

Cameran Eubanks’ Mascara

Southern Charm Instagram Beauty June 20, 2018

Since Cameran is basically on a maternity leave from this blog right now, we were excited to have something to write about your favorite gal: Cameran Eubanks’ mascara. Yesterday on her instastories she shared some important and interesting info.

First of all, prior to being a mom, a realtor, and a Bravo favorite, Cameran was actually a makeup artist. That was a new fact for me! It’s not surprising because she always looks completely flawless! Then she said she uses a special serum to help grow her lashes and according to her it really works! Finally, she favors one brand of mascara over all others (and she has tried them all!). It’s mostly because of the tiny thin brush that comes with it- which she swears by. Cam gave the tip that instead of swiping up on your lashes with a brush, you should wiggle it up starting at the lash line. Listen, I’ll take whatever beauty advice I can get from Cameran.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Cameran Eubanks' Mascara

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Credit: @CamWimberly1

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