Caroline Stanbury’s Floral Cutout Jumpsuit at the Midsummer Eve Party

Season 3 Episode 10 Ladies of London Fashion

I love the idea of Caroline Flemings’ Midsummer’s Eve party idea. The floral head pieces and long dresses gave the whole party a chic, ethereal vibe that so has me longing for Spring. Unfortunately, from the looks of the previews, the party seems to turn into some sort of Midsummer’s Nightmare for a couple of the guests, including Caroline Stanbury and her floral, cutout, tie from jumpsuit. But let me tell you from experience, if you watch any Bravo show with the volume down, you can totally appreciate the fashion without the stress of the drama.

Caroline Stanbury's Floral Cutout Jumpsuit

Johanna Ortiz Floral Tie Front Jumpsuit Sold Out

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