I kid you not, after last Monday’s episode, I had a dream I was traveling in Denmark with the Ladies of London. And I didn’t really think this was pathetic, until I compared how much Caroline’s silk PJ’s cost compared to mine 😉

Caroline Stanbury’s Pajamas in Denmark

Caroline’s Blue and White Printed Pajamas

Caroline Stanbur Pajamas

Olivia Von Halle Tokyo Print Pajamas

Olivia Von Halle Tokyo Print Pajamas S/O

Caroline Stanbury’s Black and White Striped Pajamas

Caroline Stanbury Fashion Caroline Stanbury Fashion

olivia von halle nika pajamas

Olivia Von Halle Niko Striped Pajamas S/O

Style Stealers:

Olivia von halle polka dot pajamas

Olivia von Halle Polka Dot Lila Pajamas on Sale Here

victorias secret striped after hours pajamas

Victorias Secret After Hours Satin Pajamas Available Here in Many Colors

Olivia von halle vita

Olivia Von Halle Striped Short Pajamas

Also seen on Caroline Stanbury om Ladies of London:

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