Celebrity Trend: CoolSculpting Review and Coupon Code

August 1, 2017-

By Lauren

Celebrity Trend: CoolSculpting Review and Coupon Code

Celebrity Style Blogger Lauren Sebastian doing CoolSculptingI decided to take the plunge and try CoolSculping, the new cosmetic craze loved by celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Molly Sims, to freeze away some post-preggo fat that just won’t go away. I’m a little less than toned after having Valentino, my second baby, and the weight is a bit harder to get off at age 35 then it was at age 27 when I had my first. Plus, as a control freak who is trying to raise two kids while running a business and household with only part time childcare, I don’t have a ton of time for the gym.

I had heard cool sculpting is great if you have a little bit of fat in certain problem areas that you cant’t shake, so turned to my old friend Katie Penney at New Horizons Center For Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa in Skokie, Illinois, who I’ve known for about 10 years to help me with my lower abdomen woes. (Disclaimer: My mom has worked at an office that does cosmetic dermatology for years so I rarely go anywhere outside of her there. I’ve seen a lot of botched cosmetic procedures by people who aren’t choosy about who they see for them, but definitely trusted Katie to do the job well which says a lot.)

Check out how it went in my video and read on to hear more about my thoughts on the experience and to get an exclusive coupon code.

As you can see in my video, my experience was great and very uneventful, which is just how I wanted it. As Katie explains, the applicators literally freeze the fat cells and she breaks them up by massaging the area after 35 minutes of “freezing”. The post applicator massage, which
isn’t shown on the video, is a bit uncomfortable but otherwise the cold applicator didn’t bother me. I sat there checking social media and chatting while the CoolSculpting machine did it’s job.

I wasn’t sore when my treatment was over but the area was sore and felt a bit odd—literally like there was fat frozen inside me—for about a week after. It definitely not unbearably sore, but I did have to ditch by cutoff denim shorts that button right on the area I had treated for about 5 days. And I assume this is about 1000 times better than going under the knife! The procedure doesn’t require any aftercare and you can head right home and enjoy a glass of wine if the mood hits you.

Katie said in most cases that a second treatment is needed, which will require two more applicator in the area. I’ll be following up with more social media content on my second appointment and then an additional post with my after results. From what I’ve heard from any friends—not just the Kardashians—is that I’m going to be very pleased with my results.

If you live in Chicago or the Chicago area and are ready to try CoolSculpting call New Horizons Center For Cosmetic Surgery MedSpa at  (847) 674-464 and use code BIGBLONDEHAIR for Buy 1 Applicator Get the Next 1/2 Off with Katie Penney! Please feel free to comment with questions below!


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    I liked your web site much better before you changed the photos to the collage style. It’s too much! Please change it back.

    • Lauren says

      Hi, thanks for you feedback. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the change, however the whole entire site is being redesigned and rebuilt currently and is about to look entirely different so your wish may come true depending on the thoughts of our designer. In the meantime, enjoy the info!

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