Chrissy Teigan’s Lipgloss on WWHL

Watch What Happens Live September 24, 2018 Beauty

Chrissy Teigan’s lipgloss on WWHL made her lips so pretty and ready for that Ramona Kiss! As one of the most exciting guests on Bravo, Chrissy is always hilarious and fun to watch. I find it fascinating that she loves Bravo so much, and knows as much as us common folks do! Of all of her collabs (Chrissy and Target, Chrissy and Revolve, Chrissy and “anything she touches turns to gold), Chrissy’s collab with Becca Cosmetics is sultry, stunning, shimmery and super fun. Her awesome makeup artist, Mary Phillips, used those products on Chrissy for the show, plus a not yet released highlighter that we will be sure to stalk for you! Get more details below!

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Chrissy Teigan's Lipgloss on WWHL

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Makeup artist, photo and info credit: Mary Phillips Instagram

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