D’Andra Simmons Embroidered Blazer

October 3, 2018-

By Lauren

D’Andra Simmons Embroidered Blazer with her Mom

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 Episode 8 Fashion

Admittedly, every scene with D’Andra Simmons and her mother makes me insanely grateful for the relationship I have with my mom. I’m not judging them because I do feel that everyone is different and family functions certain ways for a reason, but my mom was definitely always a supporter or me and still is. She wasn’t one to tell me how amazing I was all the time, but I know she always has my back and isn’t judge mental, which is the best thing she’s taught me (I hope, anyways). It looks like D’Andra is trying to follow in new footsteps with her step sons, and currently she seems to be doing well with it, so here’s to hoping that works out.

And I digress. If this scene has made you sad, at least you can get your hand on D’Andra’s blazer for some retail therapy. Because based on this scene, one thing that runs in the family is good jackets…and good genes—did you heard her mom say she’s 77?!

The Realest Housewife,

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D'Andra Simmons Embroidered Blazer

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