D’Andra Simmons’ Purple Sequin Kitchen Apron Cooking Competition

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4 Episode 10 Decor

I don’t care what the outcome is of D’Andra Simmons and hubby Jeremy Lock’s date night cooking competition was when it comes to the food – we all know D’Andra aced the competition with her purple sequin kitchen apron alone. Being a competitive person myself, I can attest that a little friendly competition can spice things up, although, it doesn’t sound like they need help in the bedroom based on D’Andra’s TMI donut-ring comment. The glammed and glitzed Texan still managed to make slicing brussels sprouts sexy in her fancy apron, but let’s be honest, doing anything in a sequin apron automatically elevates kitchen skills, even if it’s ordering takeout.

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D'Andra Simmons' Purple Sequin Kitchen Apron Cooking Competition

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