Danni Baird’s Blue Floral Jumpsuit With Cameran and Naomie

Season 6 Episode 2 Southern Charm Fashion

Based on the previews, Danni Baird is hitting it out of the park with her fashion choices once again on this week’s episode of Southern Charm. Seriously, how in the world has this girl not been made a full-time cast-member yet? Because we could really use some good Danni confessional looks!

But in the meantime, we’ll settle for what we can get like the pretty blue floral jumpsuit she wore with Cameran and Naomie. Which I think I’m going to pull a Cam with and send her a congratulatory text on getting before it sold out.

Jk jk, don’t have her number.



Danni Baird’s Blue Floral Jumpsuit

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