Dorit Kemlsey’s Rolling Stones Tee Shirt

April 2, 2018-

By Lauren

Dorit Kemlsey’s Rolling Stones Tee Shirt on Instagram

April 1, 2018 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Instagram Fashion

This past Saturday, while I was chicly downing Miller Lite’s and watching the Final Four (go ‘Nova!), Dorit Kemsley was glamorously draped over the counter in what looks to be some sort of glam powder room in a great high low (well low for Dorit) look that combined an affordable (to some) graphic tee, velvet pants and major platforms. It’s a 70’s inspired look to love in my book.

Speaking of high low, I was in the contemporary department at Nordstrom the other day carrying a bag from my favorite on-the-cheap Chicago store, Akira, and I could tell the sales lady totally thought I wasn’t going to buy anything after seeing my other bag, my ripped jeans and sneaks. Well, I surprised her by buying a Frame blouse and loved every minute of that. It was like Pretty Woman, except I really only walked out with a small bag containing a blouse that was on sale and she was actually pretty lovely other than the minor once over of my on the cheap bag.

Nonetheless, it sparked a great conversation between the woman and I about mixing price points, on top of the fact I thoroughly enjoy walking into a store and buying something when I know someone probably thinks I cannot. It’s taken a lot of damn blogposts to get to do that occasionally, and I shudder to think how many it would take to do that at Dorit’s level. So for now I’ll just admire her items online sans Sales Associate judgement.

The Realest Housewife,

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Dorit Kemlsey's Rolling Stones Tee Shirt

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Credit: @DoritKemsley

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