Dorit Kemsley’s Black Fishnet Sweater

June 5, 2019-

By Faryn Wegler

Dorit Kemsley’s Black Fishnet Sweater at the Beverly Beach Showroom

Season 9 Episode 17 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

In this scene Dorit Kemsley was hard at work at the Beverly Beach showroom, prepping for the e-commerce photoshoot for her new athleisure line. She was also totally werking it in this black fishnet sweater, which due to the mesh material thankfully allowed for some breathability as she was busy styling the models!

Speaking of breathability, I was legit shocked at how Dorit’s assistant Kimberly wasn’t gasping for air at the shoot when Dorit asked her why she didn’t bring the elastic shorts (she just said “I don’t know. I forgot”…dead). However we definitely recommend pulling a Kimberly and not getting too worked up when we tell you Dorit’s sweater is sold out; because you’ll definitely be pulling some moves like Jagger once you see the cute Style Stealers down below. 



Dorit Kemsley's Black Fishnet Sweater

Click Here to See Her Sold Out A.L.C. Sweater

Style Stealers:

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