Dorit Kemsley’s Makeup Must Haves

April 16, 2017-

By Sally Steele

Dorit Kemsley’s Makeup Must Haves: Eyeshadow, Lipstick and More

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Makeup 

Now that we are almost through the drama of season 7 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we can look back with a better appreciation for the ladies’ looks despite the nonstop cray heat they served! Newbie Dorit Kemsley may have gone low with panty-gate but she definitely was on par with the rest of the lala land ladies with her very high fashion and style. So to round up the season, we present to you a collage of Dorit’s best looks and fave products. Despite what you may have thought of the new girl, you can’t deny that whatever she did she looked good doing it! Click on the item in the collage or on the link in the description below to shop the product! (Credit: Carlene K)

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  1. Dorit stands the heat with her lightweight power fabric foundation
  2. Dorit covers it up with a pro longer concealer
  3. Dorit accents her best features with this ambient strobe lighting powder
  4. Dorit illuminates us all with a air luminizer powder
  5. Dorit keeps her bronzed glow with this ambient lighting bronzer
  6. Dorit’s interview look wearing her Balmain blazer features this amazing eyeshadow quad (in the honeymoon pallet)
  7. Dorit gives us her signature smokey eye by smudging this eyeliner before adding an eyeshadow
  8. Dorit keeps those doe eyes big and beautiful with this long-wearing, waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner
  9. Dorit uses this pink lip on her pout (in ‘creme cup’)
  10. Dorit gives us lip service with this lip color (in ‘kinda sexy’)
  11. Dorit keeps it zen with this creamy lipstick (in ‘pure zen’)
  12. Dorit gave us a fierce red lip while fighting with Lisa Rinna allegations in Hong Kong (in ‘bad blood’)
  13. Dorit lip liner for her bad blood red lips in Hong Kong was the cherry on top (in ‘cherry’)
  14. Dorit keeps her look going the whole season with this famed translucent setting powder

Have you seen fashion on the Real Housewives or any other Reality TV style you can’t live without? Post a comment below!

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