Eliza Limehouse’s Leopard Cardigan

July 11, 2019-

By Faryn Wegler

Eliza Limehouse’s Leopard Cardigan on Southern Charm

Season 6 Episode 9 Southern Charm Fashion

When I first saw Eliza Limehouse’s leopard cardigan on last night’s episode of Southern Charm, I had an inkling of where it was from because we’ve seen Kathryn Dennis wear similar leopard printed sweaters from this retailer before. Sure these ladies may have plantations and street signs with their last names on them, however they still love their Tar-jay!

So if you ever take a trip to Charleston and want a Southern Charm-star sighting and some good animal print, you know where to go right before Gwynn’s.



Eliza Limehouse’s Leopard Cardigan

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