Erika Girardi’s Office Furniture and Decor

December 26, 2017-

By Lauren

Erika Girardi’s furniture and decor at her new office /  “clubhouse”—watch out Andy Cohen— has us wanting to schedule a meeting with her ASAP. Whether she’s brainstorming with a group, getting her makeup done or working solo, her new digs have a place for it. And since it’s definitely is decorated more chicly then any office we’ve ever visited it only seems natural to use her decor as inspo for rooms in our homes, and we’re guessing you will want to follow suit.

Erika Girardis Office Decor

1. Garment Rack 2. 3 Panel Mirror  3. Banana Leaf Pillows 4. Sea Urchin Sculpture 5. Drum Coffee Table 6. Pink Barcelona Area Rug  7.  Salon Chair 8. Mirrored Tissue Holder 9. Smoked Ghost Chairs 10. Lucite Table 12.Pink Sheepskin Rug 13.White + Gold Desk 14.Banana Leaf Chairs

Living Area:

The living area in Erika Girardi’s office / clubhouse gives us a retro chic vibe that we are definitely down with. From the bold gold coffee tables to the bright pink modern rug, we are totally digging Erika’s style while chilling.

Erika Girardi's Office Decor

Banana Leaf Pillows 2. Sea Urchin Sculpture 3. Drum Coffee Table 4.  Pink Barcelona Area Rug

Office Space:

Whether Erika is holding a meeting with her squad or working on something solo, her clubhouse has a space for it. Her personal office is definitely giving us Beverly Hills Hotel vibes with it’s studded palm leaf chairs, fluffy pink rug and white and gold desk. It totally gets a stamp of approval for best room in the place as far as we are concerned.

Erika Girardi's Office Decor

1. Smoked Ghost Chairs 2. Lucite Table  3.White + Gold Desk 4.Banana Leaf Chairs  5. Pink Sheepskin Rug

Dressing + Powder Rooms

Clearly, any place Erika “Jayne” Girardi is putting in work needs plenty of space for her to conveniently get glam, and her dressing and powder rooms serve that purpose to the max. We especially love her white leather salon chair with silver studs, although we might be making use out of her mirrored tissue holder when we see ourselves under that bold, bring light.

Erika Girardi's Office Decor

1. Garment Rack 2. 3 Panel Mirror  3.Salon Chair 4. Mirrored Tissue Holder 

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