EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brittny Gastineau Dishes on her New Clothing Line

October 13, 2014-

By Lauren

Britny Gastineau Clothing Line

 America first got to a glimpse into the glam life of Brittny Gastineau on her 2005 hit Reality TV Series Gastineau Girls and has continued to see this familiar Hollywood face everywhere from magazine covers to Kim Kardashian’s Parisian Bachelorette Party photos.  Now this it-girl has launched her own clothing collection—aptly named Gastineau Clothing— featuring luxury statement tee’s that can be worn for occasions ranging from a night out to a session with that hot personal trainer you’ve been trying to impress. Here’s the dish on everything from how she was inspired to launch the collection to what famous fashionista she would love to see wearing her designs. 

Given Up T Shirt

BigBlondeHair.com: What inspired you to start a your own clothing line?

Brittny Gastineau: I always loved fashion. My mom had a designer clothing store growing up so I would always play dress up. I was in Paris recently and made a sample T-shirt and my friends and family loved it so I decided to make them for everyone. My goal was to make the most comfortable shirts that you could wear to the gym or out on the town and I hope you love them as much as my friends, family and I.

BBH: Statement tees are hot right now, and they are what your collection is all about. How would you style your pieces?

BG: Thank you. I would pair my tees with jeans or leather pants, and heels for a night on the town, or leggings with super cool sneakers for a chic trip to the market or gym.

BBH: How are your styles on trend but different than anything else on the market right now?

BG:  My tees are the most comfortable on the market, soft, silky and simply sublime. I also love all things glam and incorporated elements of fashion and luxury to set my collection apart from the rest.

BBH: How does working behind the scenes developing a clothing line differ from being the face, as you have throughout your modeling career?

BG: Developing a clothing line is a lot of work and takes preparation, strategy and a team. Modeling is much easier, because you simply have to show up for the shoot and the rest is up to everyone else!

BBH: Is your plan to stick to statement-making tees and sweatshirts, or will you branch out into other categories down the road?

BG: I will definitely switch to different product categories down the road. This collection is a capsule collection and I am eager to see what everyone likes. My friends on social media are going to help dictate what I do next, their opinion is very important to me.

 BBH: What celeb would you most like to see rocking one of your pieces?

BG: Jennifer Lopez. I love her style.

Britny Gastineau Clothing Line
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