Hannah Brown’s Grey Smokey Eye

June 3, 2019-

By Odette Hanna

Hannah Brown’s Grey Smokey Eye

The Bachelorette Season 15 Beauty

Hannah Brown’s grey smokey eye just might be the star of tonight’s show, based on this pre-show preview courtesy of her MUA Gina Modica ( @ginamo11 ). I’m not sure what I’m more obsessed with, her grey satin power suit or the fact that she had a matching metallic eye to pair with the killer outfit.

Even if there are tears tonight her shadow is here to stay thanks to a tinted waterproof base and waterproof line. And In case you missed the last episode, there have been some thorns of the Bachelorettes’ roses, which means she may need all the help she can get making her eye makeup stay put. We hope she feels better and the stress of finding “the one” will go away each time there’s one less rose to give. But lets hope it doesn’t happen too quickly because we definitely need more or her makeup secrets.

Real Talk Only,


Hannah Brown's Grey Smokey Eye

MUA Credit + Photo: @ginamo11


Laura Mercier Palette

Shade: ‘Turquoise Blaze’

Eye Shadow Base 

Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base


Inglot Water Proof Gel Liner


Makeup Revolution Waterproof Mascara

Click here for information on the complete look

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