Hannah Brown’s Red Cropped Sweatshirt at Colton’s Family’s House

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 7 Fashion

Hannah Brown’s red cropped sweatshirt at Colton’s family’s house proves to us she’s got the down-home casual look down pat just as much as her evening wear. Tbh, I own a total of zero crop tops (exposing my midriff is one of my greatest fears, I eat way too many chips while watching this show), however after seeing how cute Hannah B.’s looks paired with high-waisted jeans, I’m seriously reconsidering that. Plus I love the ruched sleeves on it too!

I have a strong feeling that the people who designed this top are huge Bachelor fans, not only because it comes in this perfect red rose colour, but because it’s named the “melodrama” sweatshirt. Coincidence? I think not.



Hannah Brown's Red Cropped Sweatshirt

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