Hannah Godwin’s Gold Maxi Dress in Thailand

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 5 Fashion

Hannah Godwin’s gold maxi dress in Thailand was sexy, sparkly, and looked amazing worn under the (dramatic) stars of Thailand. One of my favourite parts of researching Bachelor fashion is seeing the prices, because you truly never know what you’re going to get with these ladies; this super expensive-looking dress retails for only $78, while Hannah B.’s dress (which I just reported on) was $465!

Tbh for the first few weeks of the show I couldn’t tell one blonde from another, but after last night’s episode I think I’ve got them all down pat. There’s Heather Never Has Been Kissed, Cassie Not a Virgin, Demi the Young One, and Hannah “Beast”. And then there’s Hannah G., who we don’t know much about other than the fact that she’s super pretty and Colton likes kissing her. So here’s to hoping HG gets a one-on-one next week (which based on the preview, it looks like she does), so that we can learn more about her. And see what she wears, of course.



Hannah Godwin’s Gold Maxi Dress

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