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June 18, 2012-

By Lauren

A few weeks back I got amazing news, and I knew somewhere from above the Gods were smiling upon me.  The shopping Gods. The news? Henri Bendel had awarded me a $1500 shopping spree, in honor of the fact that they are opening a new location at Old Orchard Westfield, a mall outside of Chicago that I frequent.

Henri Bendel Big Blonde Hair

For those of you who have never been blessed by Bendel, it’s been a New York City shopping staple for over 100 years.  While it’s Flagship’s store resides on the prestigous 5th Avenue, locations are now opening up in luxury shopping destinations across the country, bringing a little slice of New York City style west.

Why do I love Henri Bendel? They have gorgeous staple pieces mixed in with completely on trend items. There is something for everyone, of every age, in all parts of the country, yet the brand is still exclusive and not over-saturated. And their prices are reasonable, which you know is always a selling point for me.

For part one of my shopping spree (nope, even I couldn’t spend it all at once) I focused on classic pieces that won’t go out of style and I can keep for a very long time, despite the fact that I often feature trendy Celeb Style items on BigBlondeHair.com.  For me, the key was to find pieces that would work together to create a look and also individually with items I already owned, not to go crazy and buy every neon, spiked item in the store – Proving that whoever said that Blondes are dumb hasn’t strategically shopped with me. And after much debate here is what I came home with, aside from a huge smile.

Henri Bendel Quilted Bag

Henri Bendel Quilted Leather Camera Bag

Henri Bendel  No. 7 Quilt Leather Bag $298

The leather on this bag is amazingly soft, and I love what Henri Bendel has done by taking the quilting beyond the norm with a wave pattern.  It can be worn as a cross body bag, or the chain can be doubled over to carry it higher. I think it is an amazing option for someone looking for the classic Chanel quilted bag look, but does’t have $3000 to spend on one.

Narrow Hinge Enamel Bangle in White and Gold Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel 1985 Narrow Hinged Enamel Bangle in White and Gold $78

Henri Bendel Gold Bangle

Henri Bendel Medium Hinged Metal Bangle $88

Henri Bendel is an amazing place to go for stackable, or non-stackable, bracelets. You can start a collection of funky, neon, braided or blingy pieces, or do what I did and pick two classic pieces that can be worn alone or together with any outfit for a clean, sophisticated look.

Henri Bendel

Henri bendel Socialite Hoop Earrings

Henri Bendel Socialite Hoop Earrings  $98

These crystal hoop earrings are gorgeous and easy to wear and spice up a variety of looks. Plain and simple.

Gucci White Gold Aviators 1827 S

Gucci 1827 S ( Not Available Online – 5th Avenue Store Location Only)

Although you can only shop these sunglasses at Henri Bendel’s 5th Avenue location, if you’re in New York be sure to check out the additional brands of make up, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and more at their Flagship. I even spotted copies of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy for sale, which made me know that HB is on point in all areas of life. These updated aviators are a perfect compliment to the gold, white and black pieces that I also took home.

Crystal Headband Henri Bendel

Crystal Headband (Not Available Online)

And then the fun one … While I wouldn’t normally rock a Kardashian inspired headband with the outfit in the pic above, I had to share  pic of my favorite new accessory, which also happens to be my husband’s least favorite accessory that I picked up. Which means it’s the most fun and fashionable.

Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel

And ladies and gentlemen, I still have almost half of my spree to go! Check out Henri Bendel online  and comment below on what you think I should scoop up on my next trip!


Click here for Henri Bendel locations  and start setting trends in your area.


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