Holiday Wish List: Celebrity Handbags on eBay

November 15, 2019-

By Lauren

Holiday Wish List:

Celebrity Handbags on eBay

Holiday season is upon us and while it’s time to shop for other people, it’s also time to think about what we want ourselves! Say what you will about me as long as I can’t hear it but over the past 5 years or so I’ve developed a “thing” for putting designer handbags on my holiday gift list—call it a hazard of the job—however up until then I didn’t own any. So if you don’t own any and want to or do but are in need of more, I’m here to talk a bit about how I shop for them and to help you find your BBH featured celebrity handbag match. So whether you’re a Tinsley, Stassi, Cameran, Erika, Kyle or Tamra and you’re looking for you first bag of you’re fifty first, I’ve found something for you.


Personally I’m more “practical” when it comes to shopping for designer goods so I try to pick out classic bags that will last, match with almost everything and that I can get some sort of deal on. And as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I am 100% up for buying gently worn bags on eBay, especially now that they have a luxury authentication program. To date I’ve bought 4 gently worn bags and have gotten some amazing deals on items you wouldn’t have even known had been used before. Something about saving a bit makes me feel so much better about splurging, which is why I have been working with eBay as an ambassador for the past 6 months (click here to see my curated picks). I’ve also linked to great bags for $1000 below. 


If you’re looking for your first designer bag and don’t have a Beverly Hills budget, I suggest buying a classic.  A Chanel caviar flap bag is your best bet if you’re looking to splurge. The caviar leather is super durable and doesn’t show scratches. If that’s too much for your budget I highly suggest a neutral colored, quilted bag from a classic brand that you can wear forever and with a lot of outfits. My first designer bag was a black Gucci Soho bag with a gold chain because I love black and gold! Looking back the logo is a little much, but it was still a good purchase. Embellished bags are fun, but you want to get the most use out of this bag as possible and have no regrets. My designer collection contains only black or nude bags. There are a ton of great ones on eBay.

If you’re someone with a big bank account I highly suggest eBay for rare bags. They have some great pieces that you can’t get your hands on in stores anymore and are total statement makers that will leave people wondering how you got your hands on them. You might not save on it but you’ll be the  envy of bag lovers everywhere!


So whether you’re a newbie or an old pro, check out these bags and find your celebrity handbag match to help guide you this holiday season! Items with an asterisk are pieces that have been seen on the Bravoleb listed (color and size may vary).

Chanel Dauville Studded Tote / Chanel Quilted Caviar Flap Bag* / Louis Vuitton Neverfull* / Chanel Boy Bag* /

Red Celine Phantom*Chanel Coco Top Handle Bag 

If you’re a Tinsley you stick to the classics. Whether it’s a Chanel flap or boy bag, a Celine phantom or a Louis Vuitton logo tote, you have a classic handbag style and will be able to wear your pieces forever.

MUST HAVE CLASSIC: Chanel quilted caviar flap bag

Chanel Quilted Flap Bag */ Chloe Drew Bag * / Chloe Aby Bag* / Prada Cahier Bag*

If you’re a Stassi you love Chanel and Chloe but Prada has become a recent favorite. Some of your bags might not be timeless, but they’re all totally on trend without being too outside of the box. You generally keep to beige, tan and black bags.


Valentino Embellished Bag / Gucci Rajah Bag / Hermes Hydra Clemence Birkin /

Chanel Sequin East West Bag / YSL Tri Quilted Bag*

If you’re a Kyle you’ve got a big budget and the bags to prove it. You love Birkins (some neutral and some brightly colored), embellished bags and every season you’ll be picking up a new purse…or 5. You’re sure to have fun looking for hard to find, sold out pieces in jewel tones on eBay. I personally continue to stalk the site for her black Valentino rockstud crystal embellished bag to pop up.

MUST HAVE: A bold color Birkin or an embellished evening bag

Chanel Graffiti Boy Bag / Louis Vuitton Graffiti Bag* / Gucci Ghost Backpack /

Gucci Applique Tote / Louis Vuitton Bandouliere Limited Edition 

If you’re an Erika it’s Ex$pensive AF to be you, especially when you’re handbag shopping. You won’t be caught toting around some “boring” classic style. Your bags are edgy, limited edition and street style inspired.

MUST HAVE: Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Bag

YSL Lou Lou Matelasse Bag* / Chanel Chain Boy Bag* / Prada Diagramme Quilted Bag / Prada Elektra Bag

If you’re a Tamra you lend towards a stylish yet practical black bag and aren’t afraid of embellishments. Whether it has a Rockstud or a chain on it, your bags are classic yet edgy and have the ability to bring your outfit up a notch. Splurge on your bag, save on your clothes!


Valentino Mini Rockstud / Louis Vuitton Epi Leather PM / Louis Vuitton Twist Limited Edition /

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis* / Gucci Ophidia Round Bag

If you’re a Cameran you’re loyal to one classic designer (hers is LV), but are starting to venture out into new bags. You stay true to your signature colors and we probably won’t ever see you carrying a black bag. Even when you do a stud or print you make it look preppy to match your style.

Bags for Under $1000:

Click the Images Above to Shop

Happy shopping, saving and splurging!

This post is a sponsored partnership between Big Blonde and eBay, although all thoughts and picks are my own. I may receive a percentage of sales for items purchased from eBay through affiliate links in this post. The celebrities mentioned are in no way affiliated with this post.

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