Interview: Dorit Kemsley’s Stylist Jazmin Gonzalez Dishes on Fashion & More

April 24, 2017-

By Lauren

jazmín+gonzalez+stylistThis season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we all totally took note of Dorit Kemsley and her signature style. Now it’s time to take  a look at Jazmin Gonzalez, the Celebrity Stylist who helped DK create the closet that we all covet. Whether you’re wondering where she shops for Dorit, how to create your own signature style or her for tips aspiring stylists we’ve got the scoop for you in this up close look at the woman who’s curated looks for the Beverly Hills Bravoleb whose style we quickly grew to admire and that we all aspire to steal.


Interview: Dorit Kemsley’s Stylist Jazmin Gonzalez Dishes on Fashion & More


BigBlondeHair: How did you get your start as a Stylist?

Jazmin Gonzalez: I started as an intern in Fashion PR. My first internship was at Versace. I’m forever grateful because it was very hands on and what I learned there is invaluable. During my PR internships I realized I loved being around clothes and selecting looks to send to the magazines and stylists so I went on to pursue styling.


BBH: How did you end up connecting with Dorit Kemsley?

JG: I’ve known Dorit for over 5 years, I met her at a boutique in SoHo. I understood her fashion sense quickly and we hit it off, I’ve worked with her since.



BBH: Describe Dorit’s signature style.

JG: Chic and fashion forward with a bit of Rock & Roll!


BBH: Where are your favorite places to shop for Dorit? Favorite brands to pull from?

JG: There are so many it’s hard to narrow it down. Decades is always a stop when I’m in LA and I love Jeffrey in NYC, they edit well.


BBH: What wardrobe pieces would you recommend to anyone who wants to steal her style?

JG: Funky killer shoes, cool chokers, and a great fitted LBD that you can take from day to night!


BBH: There are a lot of women who can’t quite figure out how to create their own signature look. What’s your advice for them on bringing continuity to their wardrobe?

JG: Style is very personal; I think it takes a bit of exploring to figure out what you’re organically drawn to. As far as continuity—build around what you have and buy pieces that complement each other. It’s like putting together a puzzle.


BBH: What is your best styling advice for babes on a budget?

JG: Shop sale! At the end of each season you can find designer pieces for less than half price.



BBH: Do you have any advice for aspiring stylists?

JG: Really learn the craft and this industry. Intern or assist for a bigger stylist, study the greats, and don’t give up. People view this as a glamorous industry but it’s tough and those that make it are knowledgeable and work really hard.


BBH: Who are your personal fashion inspirations?

JG: I am a huge fan of Geraldine Saglio. She is the queen of chic to me, I love her personal style and her work is beautiful. Patti Wilson’s editorials are brilliant, her creativity on another level.


A Big Blonde thank you to Jazmin for taking the time to chat with us. You can follow Jazmin and her work here @JazminGGonzalez on Instagram and visit her website at for more



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