INTERVIEW: Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney

April 1, 2013-

By Lauren

Tamra Barney is working hard. She’s getting ready for the debut of Season 8 of her hit show Real Housewives of Orange County, she’s a mom, she’s a business woman, she’s a bride to be, and most recently she is the owner of a state-of-the-art group fitness facility, C.U.T Fitness , with her fiancé Eddie Judge.

Thanks to Tamra, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stop by C.U.T Fitness (where her and Eddie were working hard on a Saturday) to check out what it has to offer, as well as to get the inside scoop on her life and the drama and fashion Season 8 of the original Housewives has in store for us. If one thing was made clear during our visit it is that Tamra Barney is not some Housewife with a pipe dream of being a pop star; she is an extremely down to earth, super involved and motivated business owner who has studied up on nutrition and fitness and is bringing the best to her clients at C.U.T. And if two things were made clear it was that she was cool enough to let me chat with her without my shoes on during this candid interview.

Visit  for more information on the facility and offerings and be sure to like them on Facebook and follow @CUTFitOC on Twitter for the latest in fitness. Hi Tamra! Thank you for having me at your gorgeous facility! No wonder C.U.T Fitness has opened with great success and an amazing turnout at the Grand Opening party. What classes do you recommend?

Tamra Barney: Well I recommend all of our classes, but I can tell you what my favorites are. Body Pump, because when you get to the age of 40-something weight training is necessary. You need to build that muscle up because age takes it away from you. You have to stay toned

(I also like) Barre classes, (especially) our Whine Barre class. We also offer kickboxing, boot camps and spin. Whatever level you are at you can take any class here, you just do it at your own speed.

State Of The Art CUT Fitness spinning facility

BBH: You definitely have the Real Housewives perfect little body. What is your diet?

TB: It’s a lot of work and a lifestyle. I work with a nutritionist that works in my studio, Cara Clark. It’s about balancing the right foods and pairing the right foods together. A year ago, before I met her, I went on a ‘I’m not going to eat carbs, I’m not going to eat fat (diet). I slimmed down but didn’t get the results I wanted. So (my nutritionist) said that you need fat to burn fat. Eat the yolk in the egg, that’s a good fat. Eat an avocado, eat a sweet potato.

At that point I was “skinny fat”. She said “You don’t eat enough food. With how active you are if you eat 1000 calories a day your body goes into anorexia mode. So you need to eat 1900 to 2000 calories a day.” So learning about nutrition has been huge.

Visit for more information on Cara and what she can offer you

BBH: And for your workout?

TB: My workout has always been pretty consistent. (I do) a little bit more now that C.U.T is open because I try and take as many classes as I can a day. I’m watching my instructors and making sure they are giving everyone the experience that they want; and critiquing them.

CUT Fitness Child Care Facility
CUT Fitness Child Care Facility

BBH: Part of your new look is getting your implants out. A lot of people that are Real Housewives fans want implants because they have grown to be part of that “Real Housewives look”. What do you recommend to girls and women who are thinking of getting implants? Would you do it over?

TB: I just did a Ricki Lake show on breast implants that will air in a couple weeks. My advice is to think twice about what you are doing, especially at a young age. And doctors need to open their eyes up and not give surgery to every 18 year old who walks into their office. A responsible surgeon does not do that.

I think that big (fake) boobs are so 5 years ago, they’re not sexy anymore. With the exception of people who need reconstructive surgery and have to have implants, or are just completely flat and they need them to feel better. Ultimately you have to do what makes you happy.

In my situation I should have never done them. I have no implants in and I still have plenty. I went through 3 surgeries, so it’s not like you go get implants and you’re set for life. People don’t understand that.

When I saw myself on TV I was like ‘I look like a moose!’ Since I removed my implants everybody’s like “Oh my god you lost weight!” From the time I started the show until now my fitness level (and my) nurition have changed, but I’m maybe 4 pounds lighter. And when I removed my implants I lost 4 pounds.

BBH: Speaking of seeing yourself on TV, Real Housewives of Orange County has been on for 8 Seasons! What will be different this season to keep people interested?

TB: Alliances are such a big part of everyone’s story line. Things change. We are women who are brought together, and you might argue with someone and people might think you hate their guts, but then you can make up off camera. Off season there is always a lot of making up that goes on, a lot of guilt when you watch the show. You think ‘Wow that was kind of mean, I shouldn’t have done that.’

Alexis and I (fighting) last (season) was pretty epic. I went on this season (thinking) ‘I can’t do this with this girl anymore. I don’t have that much hatred in my heart to be mean to her or to fight with her.’ At the end of the day Alexis is not a viscous person. We do get into a pretty big argument here (motions around C.U.T Fitness) during the first few episodes and I was like ‘That’s not what I wanted to do! I did not want to do that this season’.  And then (after our fight) I see her crying in the parking lot and I’m thinking ‘Oh God. This is killing me’.  It just really broke my heart. Whatever her situation is, I don’t want to add to it; I’m talking with Alexis now.

Gretchen and I had fun throughout the season. We have a couple little incidents, but that’s going to happen. Vicki was involved in them. Need I say more?

Vicki and I take off where we left off, which was a huge fight. We came into the season with an  ‘I don’t like you, you don’t like me, I’m not talking to you anymore,’ attitude, which is hard because we were true friends. But we make it back to that place where we were.

And I just love Heather. I can’t even say anything bad (about her). She makes me laugh. (Heather and Terry) are caring. They came to the C.U.T Grand Opening, they participated, were sweet, (and) talked with people. They didn’t have to do that, and that’s what true friends do.

BBH: You’ve done very well at keeping your younger kids off the show and that is something I really respect.  Is that what you plan to continue to do?

TB: Yes. I don’t think my kids have any desire to be on the show and I don’t think it’s a kid friendly show at this point. When we first started Housewives it was more about documenting your life and now it’s a bitch fight. Do I really want my kids on the same episode as two women screaming and yelling at each other? And (then) they can’t even watch the show (they’re on)?

I do hate the fact that the viewers dont see me as a mom. I get judged like I don’t take care of my kids; no, I’m protecting my kids. If anything I feel that I am a better mom for protecting them.

Tamra Barney Gym
Tamra Barney and Lauren Sebastian at CUT Fitness Orange County

BBH: Speaking of family, congrats on your engagement! Will we see a lot of wedding planning this season?

TB:  Yes, you will. Our initial date to get married was in February, while we were filming. That’s why you see Eddie in commercials saying “Don’t pressure me!” And it wasn’t that I was pressuring him or he didn’t want to get married, it was that all this (C.U.T Fitness) took up so much time, money and energy every single day that there was no way we could get away to get married.

They (Bravo) wanted us to get married on the show (in February). I felt the pressure to do it, and Eddie said “No, this is our real life. We don’t have to do this. We do it when we want to do it and we do it when we will enjoy it”. Thank God he put his foot down; but they don’t show that.  On the show it looks like he doesn’t want to get married, but it just wasn’t the right time.

Not to say that it’s not going to be televised, because there is a possibility.

BBH: Of course I have to ask, have found your dress yet?

TB:  I don’t have my exact dress yet. You’ll see me dress shopping (on the show) with Mark Zunino who designed a line for Kleinfeld. I picked out a few dresses that I like, and then we are going to modify (them). I’ll probably have a couple of dresses; you have to have an exit dress!

BBH: Where did you shop a lot this season? What are you wearing on the show?

You know me; I wear a lot of BCBG, Bebe, and Forever 21 because we have to wear so many outfits. I can rock a pair of $400 jeans with a $20 shirt all day long. I always want to have a nice belt, nice shoes or a pair of nice jeans, but I like to mix and match my clothes because I would go broke (buying all expensive items). I sometimes shoot 3 scenes a day and I have to wear 3 different outfits. I have to label my clothes ‘I’ve worn this, I’ve worn this, I’ve worn this…’

It’s really weird because in real life you wear the same things over and over again, but if you have a scene (in an outfit) in Episode 3 and you wear the same outfit in Episode 8 people think “Oh was this shot in the same day? Is this fake?” There is so much science behind it.

Then I have to sell my clothes on eBay because I have clothes everywhere! And then I’m like ‘Oh God, if I sell Forever 21 on eBay (fans) are going to think I’m cheap!’

BBH: What’s your favorite outfit that you’ve ever worn on the show?

TB: Oh dear God! I really like my season finale dress this year. It’s a BCBG dress and it’s all (nude and black) lace.

But I’m really a skinny jeans and heels person. That’s what I like. I don’t get too daring with fashion, because I’m not good at that.

BBH: But you always look good!

TB: I never go out of my box. The one thing I have been doing, since I don’t have a stylist, is that I go on Pinterest. I just put in ‘Skinny jeans and blouse’ and then all of this stuff pops up and I say ‘Okay, I can duplicate that’. It gives you so many ideas.

BBH: Favorite thing in your closet?

TB: I have my nude Louboutins that I have been wearing. My hairdresser says “Please stop wearing those!” I go ‘But you don’t understand I paid $1400 for them and I’m going to wear them until they go out of style!’ But they’re so cute; you can wear them with skinny jeans, a dress (or) leggings!

Right now I’m in workout clothes all day long and I’m so comfortable!

BBH: What type of workout clothes do you like and will any be sold at C.U.T Fitness?

TB: Yes, we will sell workout clothes at C.U.T. I have always been a fan of Lululemon, but I’m finding that because I wear workout clothes everyday I’m wanting to find something that is a little bit different. I’ve found a lot of cute stuff at the fitness expos and I’m going to (another) one next week. I would love to hook up with a designer that does amazing (designs), (like) backless workout shirts. It seems like fitness wear is boring. It’s just the same stuff year after year.

BBH: What are your favorite makeup products?

TB: I wear a cheap liner, I do my whole lips, and I go over it with MAC Nymphette. I use MAC products for foundation and powder. I don’t have any big beauty secrets, other than Botox!

I don’t do fillers because I have a really small face. I mean, I’ve done fillers, but Eddie and I still laugh because once I went and got my lips done and it was like I had two hot dogs for lips! I could barely leave the house for 6 months.

BBH: Any anti-aging products or routines that you use?

TB: I am a big fan of IPL Laser, especially for someone that is fair skinned like me. It takes away fine lines, brown spots and freckles and it makes your skin looks like porcelain.

BBH: Now that we know all of your secrets, anything else coming up for you that we need be clued in on?

TB: I am doing a lot of appearances coming up. I’ve teamed up with a company called Cuca Fresca, it’s an organic spirit. And I’m still doing Wines by Wives.


A sincere thank you to Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge for being such gracious hosts at C.U.T Fitness. It is a beautiful, well-run facility that is sure to be on the receiving end of much success. And of course to always to Tamra for her continued support of

Follow @TamraBarney on Twitter, like her Facebook Page and visit for the latest on what she is up to.

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