Joanna Krupa’s Real Housewives of Miami Red / Pink Reunion Dress

December 26, 2012-

By Lauren

In un-shocking news, Joanna Krupa looks gorgeous in her red (coral) Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Reunion dress. But, shockingly, I can turn the 10 million dollar “Who is the dress she is wearing designed by” question into a little guessing game (this is only surprising because normally I despise games).

The rules? I’ll give you three hints as to who the designer is and then you can guess who it is, before scrolling down. Ready, set, go…

1) The designer of Joanna’s dress made a name on a Reality TV show 2) Tamra Barney wore a shimmer halter dress by this designer on the Real Housewives of Orange County trip to Las Vegas last season 3) Lily Ghalichi recently knocked us all out in one of this designer’s gowns.

Do you know the answer? I hope not, because I forgot the prize, and unless you are on my couch, I’m not close enough to give you a pat on the back…

Joanna Krupa’s Real Housewives of Miami Hot Pink, Slit, Deep V Reunion Dress

Joanna Krupa's Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Gown Dress by Michael Costello

Michael Costello Red Coral Gown with Slit Seen on Joanna Krupa

Red / Coral Gown with Deep V and Slit by Michael Costello

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