Kathy Lee Gifford’s Blue Cold Shoulder Dress

June 26 Today Show Fashion

Kathy Lee Gifford’s blue cold shoulder dress on the Today Show this morning matched the bruising she had on her poor foot, which was stung by a wasp this weekend! Similarly, I have been stung by many bees in my lifetime, and I’ve never looked as good as KLG does with a wasp sting. One time when I was little a bee stung the whites of my eyes (news flash: don’t freeze, but flail and run away when a bee crawls on your face!). Unfortunately, my mom had to chop blunt bangs to cover what looked like a violent black eye which I am sure she got questionable looks for.

Today the TV royalty wore a royal blue dress with bell sleeves and cut out shoulders. She paired it with matching blue eye shadow, big chunky silver earrings and amazing blue sling black peep-toe pumps. Perhaps the most traumatic thing about her whole wasp ordeal? The fact that she can’t drink while on antibiotics treating the sting. A nightmare!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Kathy Lee Gifford's Blue Cold Shoulder Dress

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