Kelly Dodd’s Black Headband

July 24, 2018-

By Faryn Wegler

Kelly Dodd’s Black Headband at her House with Vicki

Season 13 Episode 2 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

This episode of RHOC really had me on the fence about Vicki; her apology to Eddie seemed so heartfelt and genuine, however her fight with Kelly had me doubting whether or not she’s really turned over a new leaf.

In keeping with the zodiac theme of my last post, let’s analyze Vicki’s sign for a sec – she’s an Aries. Aries can be extremely stubborn and do not like to admit when they’ve done something wrong (my sister is an Aries and this describes her to a T), however since they hate being on bad terms with people, they usually end up admitting their wrongdoing and apologizing. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see if this is what Vicki does (again!)

I felt so bad for Kelly when Vicki told her she’s been having double dates with Michael and his new girlfriend (I tried to put myself in Kelly’s shoes, and realized I would be equally upset in that situation). But on the bright side, at least Kelly had this black headband on to assist in her looking cute (even though it was inside-out) while she bawled her eyes out…and to keep her brain from exploding.



Kelly Dodd's Black Headband

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  1. CAlva says

    Could you find where Kelly’s ring she was wearing in this scene is from? It’s a gorgeous wrap ring on her middle finger.

    • Lauren says

      I looked because it’s very “me” but it’s so non-descript that there are many similar and I’m not sure of the exact match! I can post some links to some tomorrow!

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