Kelly Dodd’s Black One Sleeve Top

November 7, 2018-

By Lauren

Kelly Dodd’s Black One Sleeve Top with Shannon at the Plastic Surgeons

Season 13 Episode 16 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

Kelly Dodd’s black one sleeve top eluded me when I searched for it Monday night and Tuesday, however, when I called in for backup in the form of BBH Contributor Jessica Knottek, she totally came through. Feel free to be mad at me because I was sitting on this info since yesterday mid day and didn’t have time to post as I took time to catch up with an old friend. Unfortunately, Kelly’s top is sold out. Fortunately there are plenty of fab Style Stealers to wear next time you take your friend to the plastic surgeon’s office or wherever else you’d like to.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Kelly Dodd's Black One Sleeve Top

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Style Stealers:

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