Kelly Ripa’s Pink Ruffle Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan July 18, 2018 Fashion

I absolutely love Kelly Ripa’s pink ruffle dress from the show today! Ryan even told her that she has a glow and looks “extra remarkable” today. Well she explained why: She’s living alone. And despite the laugh it got, there’s “something about star fishing out in the bed” that makes a gal glow. After decades of a blissful marriage, Kelly can safely and securely say that a few weeks on her own is refreshing. I have only had a handful of nights alone and, between us gals, they’re the best.

Although the sweetest thing my husband has ever done was while he was gone with some buddies. He called me and asked how it was going, to which I replied that it was horrible since I didn’t have wine and the stores by us were all closed by the time I realized it. Well a few minutes later there was a Postmates delivery with what I would guess was an unreasonably priced bottle of wine delivered to my door. That’s love.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kelly Ripa's Pink Ruffle Dress

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