Kendall Jenner’s Frayed Seam Jeans

Season 15 Episode 8 Keeping Up with the Kardashians Fashion

Kendall Jenner’s frayed seam jeans seem to be just what I need to keep in mind on my next shopping trip. I don’t think I have seen much of the seam down the center of the pant leg since I was back in about 4th grade and had a pair of flares with it of my own. Maybe I’m wrong and I was just out of the know and they never actually went out of style, but either way I was glad to see it on the screen! I think the center seam adds a nice little length to the leg. Not that 5′ 10” Kendall needs it, but 5′ 2” Jessica does as I gotta take what I can get to add any little illusion of length to my jeans!

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Kendall Jenner's Frayed Seam Jeans

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