Kirpa Sudick’s Fuchsia Strapless Jumpsuit in Thailand

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 5 Fashion

Kirpa Sudick’s fuchsia strapless jumpsuit in Thailand is by a more high-end label that’s actually a favourite of the housewives (Ramona Singer wore the same jumpsuit recently in black). Like I said in another post, you really never know what you’re going to get with the Bachelor girls fashion-wise; they could just as easily be wearing an $80 dress from Revolve as a $400 jumpsuit from Saks! 

Now onto the biggest mystery of the episode…Kirpa’s chin bandaid. Which according to the deleted footage released by abc today, was caused by her simply slipping on a rock while taking a selfie (#relatable). And now that we have some clarity on that matter and where she got her fuchsia strapless jumpsuit, I have a feeling we’ll all be able to sleep more peacefully tonight.



Kirpa Sudick’s Fuchsia Strapless Jumpsuit

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