Krystal Nielson’s Blue and White Off the Shoulder Dress

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Episode 2 Fashion

Krystal Nielson’s blue and white off the shoulder dress was as breezy as this episode was for her. The girl had it made! She was taken on a fun date with a guy who literally swept her off her feet. She had a no brainer decision for her first rose. Plus, she was pursued by the friendliest Canadian of all time.

Have you noticed the hilarious titles they put under the contestants’ names? Kevin is “Canadian,” Chris is “goose.” I mean, just those subtitles provide enough entertainment. Then there’s the drama, enough to fill four hours of prime time for every week! Either way, this perfect summer dress has all the bells and whistles (or frills and details) that one would need for a date night as good as Krystal’s.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Krystal Nielson's Blue and White Off the Shoulder Dress

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