Krystal Nielson’s Off the Shoulder Crop

Bachelor In Paradise Season 5 Episode 2 Fashion

Krystal Nielson’s off the shoulder crop top was super cute, with her denim skirt and fringe slides. Watching a thrilling boxing match (or at least that’s what it looks like in the picture), Krystal was apparently the final winner at the end of the match. I kind of love her with Kenny- they make a cute couple. I haven’t seen much but she definitely looks happy. Although she’s happy anywhere and everywhere.

I love people like that. Some people are mopes, and others are just little rays of sunshine. And sometimes the sunshine is too sunny to the point of exhaustion, but still, it beats mopes! Krystal is also a lifestyle trainer. If you haven’t seen her insta, check it out. It’s intense. Her body, her vibes, they all just kind of fit in with the whole Bachelorette vibe. Is this the next golden girl??

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Krystal Nielson's Off the Shoulder Crop

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