Kyle Richards’ Black Leather Espadrilles

January 22, 2016-

By Lauren

Kyle Richards’ Black Leather Espadrilles with Faye

on Season 6 Episode 8 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In the same episode of RHBH Kyle is wearing slip on black shoes w a white sole in two different scenes. Who makes them? Thanks, Dailan

Leather espadrilles, much like Kyle’s, are part of my shoe collection and they were my total go-to’s last summer, and I plan for them to be this Spring/Summer too. And while Faye’s studded pumps are also some of my closet go-to’s (info here), I’d say these leather espie’s for casual are just what the fashion doctor ordered…Or your credit card anyways.

Kyle Richards' Black Leather Espadrilles

Tods Black Leather Espadrilles

Tods Leather Espadrille Sneaker Available Here

Style Stealers :

 (they’re a little different but I am obsessed!)

Recently Worn on Reality TV:

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  1. sondra cline says

    I love Kyle Richards and she has some of the most beautiful clothes and jewelry of anyone on the housewives. My only comment is it seems we see Kyle twice a day and rarely see any of the other house wives was from all five or six shows. variety is nice. You do an excellent job with your site and the housewives. I enjoy reading everyone of them. Thank you

    I have to say whatever Lisa Vanderpump wears is always magnificent and I just wish I had one like it! I cannot lie. She is my favorite with those beautiful pinks, purples, orchids…..

    • Lauren says

      Hi Sondra, thanks for your comment. I work based on A) Demand and B) What I can find. Kyle is the most requested and most read right now, and I run the blog as a business, so that is why she has so many posts.

      Also, I do extensive coverage of the other shows, they just aren’t in season and posts on old seasons have very low traffic. I posted on Potomac this week, and my friend covers Atlanta which I primarily leave to her as a professional courtesy because she has helped me a lot. This week’s posts also covered Kardashians, Pump Rules, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Erika Girardi and Bethenny Frankel.

      I try to cover Lisa VP but often have a hard time covering her stuff because it’s hard to find (many dresses are custom), I don’t get many requests and people don’t end up buying much of it (although I love her).

      I do take time to look for almost every request I receive, I just have a hard time finding them all and can’t spend hours on one thing unless it’s in really high demand. Please continue to posts requests and I will continue to look, and thank you for reading!

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