Kyle Richard’s Black Striped Intro Gown

September 13, 2011-

By Lauren

All the snow in this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made me cold. Thankfully, Kyle Richard’s RHOBH intro dress was there to warm things up.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Into Black Gown

Aiden Mattox Strapless Striped Evening Gown $360

Style Stealer

One Shoulder Gown $180

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  1. Victoria Doiron Champagne says

    Beautiful dress, but I'm interested in knowing wHO designed Kyle Richards large link chain necklace. The one she is wearing with the black dress. It looks to b doubled in the opening credits to the show while wearing the black gown. On game night I think it's the same chain necklace, just worn long, very long! I'm absolutey in love with this necklace & would love if u would please assist me in finding out the designer or where I may get 1 for myself! Thanking u for your assistance, Victoria champagne.

  2. Victoria says


    I’ve searched everywhere & have Had no luck in finding the LS crystal encrusted chain necklace that Kyle Richards is wearing in the oohing credits! I haven’t even found anything close!!! Any other suggestions as to how I might find the LS chain or something very similar would be SOO very welcomed?!?!?! I appreciate your first response & leading me in the right direction for my earlier search.

    Thanx again,
    Desperately searching for Lia Soohias crustal encrusted chain necklace or something very close to it!!!

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