Kyle Richards’ Chanel CC Blanket

April 25, 2018-

By Chelsie Shackelford

Kyle Richards’ Chanel CC Blanket in Her New Bed Room

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 18 Decor

Kyle Richards’ grey Chanel CC throw blanket is chic yet still cozy. The neutral colors pair well with her new home, which all the girls seemed to love. I loved the tour of her new home, it made me feel much better about my current situation seeing that Kyle also doesn’t move in and everything is automatically perfect. My recent move has me pulling out my hair—I just want my house to be perfect already! But Kyle is right, you move and then you realize all the stuff you still need. I don’t envy moving a house as big as Kyles though!

It was so nice to see all the girls clear the air and end the season on a high note.  The designer blanket, however, couldn’t warm up the slightly awkward apology acknowledgment between Kyle and Dorit.  For that dynamic, I’m afraid it is to be continued. We’ll have to see if the unresolved drama surfaces at the reunion.

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Kyle Richards’ Chanel CC Throw in Her New Bedroom

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