Kyle Richards’ Diamond Collar Necklace

March 11, 2015-

By Lauren

I’ve had many requests to find the diamond, geometric collar necklace Kyle Richards has been wearing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Thankfully, last night she shared the info. However, I’m not so thankful about what the price tag probably was…

Kyle Richards’ Diamond Collar Necklace in Amsterdam

Kyle Richards Loree Rodkin

Necklace by Loree Rodkin

Credit: @KyleRichards18

Style Stealers:

Blue Bikoux Triangle Collar Necklace

Blu Bijoux Triangle Collar Necklace Available at Max & Chloe

Style Splurge

(Although probably less expensive than Kyle’s)

Diamond and 18k Gold Geometric Necklace

18k Gold & Diamond Geometric Necklace at Saks Off Fifth

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  1. Ramona Scott says

    Could Anyone Please Help Me Locate The Cape Style/ Open Sleeve Jacket That Kyle Has On In Above Picture, She Is Actually Featuring Her Crystal Necklace But I Fell In Love With The Open Sleeve Jacket- Also On March 11, 2015 Episode Of Show ” THE REAL” Tamar Braxton Had On A Pretty Spring Pink Open Sleeve Jacket…You Have 2 c It- Please Please Could Someone Pls Help Me Locate This Style Jacket/ Suit, Even If It’s A Similar Style,_ Thank U Much

  2. Pamela Ticker says

    I went on to the Loree Rodkin website and still was not able to locate the necklace. Can you help!
    Thank you!

  3. dot says

    I love your blog, thank you for the info on this pendant! I wish there was a section here exclusively for RHOBH jewelry! I am trying to figure out who the designer is for Eileen’s dainty necklace with the drops/stations on it that she wore to Lisa V’s birthday party and several other times. Also interested in knowing who made Yolanda’s diamond stud earrings. They appear to be square-ish in shape and very flat on her earlobes.

  4. Patty Stone says

    Trying to find the silver necklace Kyle Richards wore on her daughters dorm room episode! Think it’s Christian Dior BUT CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE ! Help

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