Kyle Richards’ Foundation Stick

June 17, 2021-

By Lauren

Kyle Richards’ Foundation Stick

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Episode 5 Fashion

No matter what type of foundation you like—stick, airbrush or liquid—this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has shown us what these women are wearing! When I first spotted the sleek black and gold tube on Kyle Richards’ vanity  I thought it was lipstick, but then upon closer examination I realized I struck gold for those of us who love a stick foundation. And while I’m a loyal Hourglass girl (always applied with this brush) if this brand is good enough for Kyle, it’s certainly good enough for me to try.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Kyle Richards' Foundation Stick

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  1. Christine says


    Can’t get enough of this great site.
    I was wondering if you could tell me what loop earrings Kyle Richards is wearing on s11e09? They are the earrings she wears at the beginning of the episode at Lisa’s Bolognese lunch.
    Thank you

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